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Grafik Kaos Rebuilt With Laravel

Grafik Kaos is now running on Laravel 4.  This took me a few months of work while trying to juggle a full time job as well.  But this have definitely been well worth doing especially as Laravel is being used for a project at my current work place.

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Site update coming soon!

Oops..Feels like a long time I have added any articles on here.  This is majorily due to work commitments and let's face it after spending several hours in front of a computer screen, the last thing you really want to be doing is spending more of your free time staring at another screen at home.

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Using Filewatchers in PHPStorm

Optimisation is something we always have to keep in the back of our minds when building websites.  Whether its compressing CSS/JS files or compressing images to make our websites load faster, we have to ensure we always have the right tools that make this type of work easier to handle.  Fortunately, PHPStorm, an IDE which I have come to enjoy working with comes bundled with afeature called File Watchers.

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Test Your Sites Virtually From Anywhere

As a developer, I have sometimes found it quite hard to test my websites on various devices.  Up until recently, the only way I was able to view websites developed on my machine on various portable devices was to download and set up No-IP.  Not complaining about the service, but if you have multiple websites you wish to demo, No-IP only gives you a maximum of 5 hosts to work with.

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Start A ZF2 Project with PHPStorm 6

Today, I am going to show you how to setup up a Zend Framework 2 project using PHPStorm 6. PHPStorm has come a long way to become onefo the best IDE's for web development. It still has a ways to go but when you look at the features it offers, believe me, you will not want to be dropping it. To find out more about PHPStorm 6, its features and of course to download a trial, please visit the PHPStorm website.

Now to get on with our tutorial.

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Its Been So Long

Hello everyone... Feels like forever since I have been on here and my apologies if there hasn't that much content on the site over the past few months.

I recently started a new job and prior to this, most of the time was being spent getting a few things sorted. So what new?  I started with a company called GDS International.  I am part of a small time of 4 developers.  So far, I have to say I am enjoying it.  This is quite simply a new opportunity for me to expand on my current skillset.

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Ubuntu, Postfix and Dovecot

It's not often that I get to play with setting up ubuntu on VPS systems from scratch.  Most VPS system tend to have everything installed and setup through Parallels Plesk or cPanel, thus making life a lot easier when setting up a website.

But when a friend decided that he wanted to have more control over his website rather than be at the mercy of shared hosting companies and their T&C's, I suggested that he move from a shared hosting environment to VPS hosting.  Thus the hunt began.

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Integrating Uploadify v3 and CodeIgniter

There have been several articles relating to using Uploadify with CodeIgniter, but in case you have been keeping up with Uploadify's developement, a new version was released a few months ago.  This effectively made some of the tutorials floating about online obsolete.

So the main aim here is to provide a fresh new tutorial on how to use new version of Uploadify which is at version 3.1.4 with CodeIgniter. This time, it comes in 2 flavours.  The usual Flash version but now it also come with an HTML5 version.  For those want to take advantage of browsers that suporrt HTML5 features (and that's practically quite a few of them).

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Optional File Uploads with CodeIgniter

This is a quick and simple tutorial that will show you how to implement an optional file upload in your forms.  This is particularly handy if you run say and resume upload site and your candidate want to update their datat without having to be forced to re-upload their CVs all the time.  In this example, I am using an image upload form and I have kept it quite simple.

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